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Illegal Rezoning in Creswick Valley

At first glance our position seemed hopeless (and we received legal opinions that suggested that), but Adderley Head saw that we had a case and never wavered in their support. 

The contribution of Adderley Head went far beyond the exemplary research and preparation they undertook, which contributed so much to our obtaining a successful decision from the High Court.  Their willingness to listen, advise and encourage throughout a long, and at times disheartening, struggle between a small, newly-established resident's association and a very powerful city council was equally important in supporting our morale to persevere with such a fight.  It is not just an enormous specialist knowledge that Adderley Head appears to be able to give its clients, but also the experience to understand and sympathise with people who find themselves suddenly in a situation that is both alien and frightening for the average person.  We remain deeply grateful.

Fiona Knight & Wayne Newman

Selwyn District Council

We engage Paul and his team at Adderley Head on a frequent basis to assist with resource management and local authority issues facing Selwyn District Council. The range of matters is broad, covering appeals to the Environment Court, enforcement and declaratory proceedings, and other regulatory matters including local government based instructions.

The advice they provide is accurate; where there are uncertainties they are clearly flagged, with options. They are creative with the solutions they promote while at the same time carefully covering the issues. In terms of value add, they are good at passing on the learning from instructions. They are also keen and enthusiastic to provide in-house seminars and workshop training sessions for our team, which have been very well received.

Tim Harris, Environmental Services Manager, Selwyn District Council

Heritage prosecution

We engaged Adderley Head to represent us regarding a prosecution by Heritage New Zealand relating to damage caused to an archaeological site without the required archaeological authority.  The prosecution was significant to Arrow due to the potential impact it could have on Arrow’s business and reputation.  Our objective was to deal with this matter in a manner that would align with our corporate values, retain the confidence of our business partners and avoid negative media coverage.

Chris Fowler worked easily with the Arrow project team delivering accurate and timely advice throughout, and were always available when we needed them. Chris’ strategic advice at key moments helped guide us. Chris also appeared for Arrow on sentencing and his legal submissions helped Arrow secure a conviction and discharge, as well as favourable media coverage.

Ian Currie - Senior Manager, Arrow International

Air Discharge Consent

We have worked closely with Adderley Head on our Resource Consent re-application process and other RMA issues.  The depth of their knowledge and experience in this field has been invaluable for us at General Cable. The "stand-out" area for us has been the partnering model Adderley Head uses when we consult with them.  They work closely with us to ensure a robust understanding of our business and demonstrate that they are in complete alignment with our requirements through regular discussion and feedback throughout the process.  This has enabled us to obtain optimal business outcomes for every issue on which we have consulted with them.

Lesley Fleming, Environmental, Health & Safety Advisor, General Cable New Zealand

Helping other law firms

Our firm has a referral relationship with Adderley Head that allows us to provide a specialist RM capability that we simply could not replicate in-house. Adderley Head are recognised specialists who concentrate almost exclusively on the resource management and planning fields. This model gives us confidence that our clients will receive the very highest quality advice, which has certainly been our experience.

With all clients we have referred, Adderley Head has responded extremely promptly and has demonstrated such in-depth knowledge that we know our clients received excellent service. Our clients have always been treated with the highest levels of professionalism by Adderley Head.

As well as providing services to our clients, Adderley Head are happy to give us quick no-obligation advice over the phone on RM matters. Being able to find out if our client has an RM problem that needs to be dealt with is extremely helpful to our practice. I have happily recommended Adderley Head to other law firms and will continue to do so.

David Lang, Partner, Saunders & Co

Corsair Bay Dwelling

We engaged David Pedley and Paul Rogers to support and represent us through the process of a contested residential resource consent hearing. The quality of the legal advice and representation was extremely high. They listened well, and we appreciated their ability to frame up complex issues and give us confidence in how to respond to them.

From the outset we appreciated David's ability to bring a clear process to the preparation for the hearing. He worked in seamlessly with our landscape architect and planning advisors. The preparation process was explicitly laid out; by the time of the hearing there was a coherent, compelling body of information to be presented.  Even better, they came in on budget.

Phil Garing

Residential Earthquake Recovery

Adderley Head has provided assistance to Southern Response on a wide range of resource management matters related to the residential recovery in Christchurch. This includes resolving complex matters related to residential dwellings that form part of multi-unit dwellings, navigating complexities related to finished floor level requirements for residential dwellings and obtaining a global resource consent for working on sites with contaminated land.

Adderley Head also advised and acted for Southern Response as a submitter in relation to the recent Christchurch District Plan hearings. Adderley Head were able to ensure that Southern Response presented well-considered and articulated submissions on what changes should be made to the Christchurch District Plan that would enable the Plan to be a tool that could expedite and assist with the residential recovery.  

In my dealings with Adderley Head, I have found them to be pragmatic and clearly oriented toward finding solutions in a complex environment.

Casey Hurren, General Manager Earthquake Strategy, Southern Response Earthquake Services Ltd

Rural Residential Development

From the outset, Chris and David provided very clear advice on the likely issues and level of detail which would be required for this application. Communication with a geographically spread team of experts was a major factor in the project. Chris’s experience came to the fore when he presented strong factual evidence and legal argument in support of our application during planning meetings and through hearings.  

The specialist knowledge Chris and David brought to this project, combined with the effective management of the expertise available from within the project team, culminated in a successful outcome.

Austen Russell, Chief Executive Officer of Selwyn Plantation Board Ltd

Forestry sector expertise

Blakely Pacific Limited has instructed Chris Fowler for several years across a range of resource management issues affecting it’s South Island operations. During this period Chris has demonstrated specialist RMA expertise and a close understanding of the plantation forestry sector. Chris is easy to work with and provides accurate, practical and cost-effective advice. Chris is particularly adept at working with groups of forest owners to present a common position at Council planning hearings. This was recently illustrated when he co-ordinated and presented the case for the Otago Forestry Group on water quality rules proposed by the Otago Regional Council.

Phil Taylor - Managing Director, Blakely Pacific Limited

Development contributions

We received some large development contribution assessments for several industrial developments that we were carrying out. We engaged David and Adderley Head to help us reduce these assessments to better reflect the actual demand from our developments.

We had received advice from other lawyers that there was little that could be done to reduce the amount payable. However, David was able to decipher the calculations behind the numbers, interpret the relevant policy, and present robust and persuasive arguments why the assessments should be revised. The end result was fantastic and achieved a significant reduction in the development contributions payable. Based on my experience, I would happily recommend David and Adderley Head to others.

Peter Bishop, Director, Rock Solid Holdings Limited

Tait planning issues

Over the past several months I have engaged Adderley Head to provide advice on a land re-zoning application, a heritage matter and a district plan review matter. Paul Rogers and his team were very responsive in these matters and sought to find pragmatic and efficient solutions which often involved complex negotiations. Paul and his team are well connected and were able to identify relevant experts to provide support for preparation of hearings evidence. In all cases the Adderley Head team delivered successful outcomes. I find Paul very professional and easy to work with and feel he is supported by a very competent team.

David Wade, Adviser to The Tait Foundation

Central Plains Water Scheme

Adderley Head has been the provider of legal services to the Selwyn District Council for the Central Plains Water Scheme, which is a key project for the Council.  The advice on this project has ranged from Resource Management Act issues to various council funding and governance issues that are central to this project's success. Paul and his team have understood our requirements and provided appropriate solutions to the Council which, as a public entity, has a risk-adverse profile.  At the same time, the solutions needed to meet the commercial imperatives of Central Plains and did so.  Consistently, the advice was of high quality, timely, and pragmatic.

Douglas Marshall, Manager-Corporate Services, Selwyn District Council

Water Allocation Hearings

The large scale water related hearings have involved demanding water allocation issues, especially groundwater.  Paul’s understanding of the purpose of the Resource Management Act and his skill as chair of the hearing has enabled a well-structured, transparent and fair process resulting in comprehensive and well-reasoned decisions.

Donald Fraser, Consents Hearings Officer, Environment Canterbury

Opposition to Coastal Subdivision

Chris and David provided clear and accurate guidance to the Society throughout this matter.  They communicated effectively with us about strategy, issues and case presentation.  Under Chris's leadership, our case just seemed to get stronger and stronger, to the point where not only were we successful before the Environment Court but we also secured an order for costs against the developer.  We are very satisfied with Chris's work for the Society on this matter and the level of personal integrity he displayed and maintained throughout in what was, at times, a challenging process

Eric Jorgensen, Chairperson, Ocean Bay Protection Society Inc

Illegal Rezoning in Creswick Valley

At first glance our position seemed hopeless (and we received legal opinions that suggested that), but Adderley Head saw that we had a case and never wavered in their support. 

The contribution of Adderley Head went far beyond the exemplary research and preparation they undertook, which contributed so much to our obtaining a successful decision from the High Court.  Their willingness to listen, advise and encourage throughout a long, and at times disheartening, struggle between a small, newly-established resident's association and a very powerful city council was equally important in supporting our morale to persevere with such a fight.  It is not just an enormous specialist knowledge that Adderley Head appears to be able to give its clients, but also the experience to understand and sympathise with people who find themselves suddenly in a situation that is both alien and frightening for the average person.  We remain deeply grateful.

Fiona Knight & Wayne Newman

Highfield Park Development

The Highfield Park plan change approval process involved a wide range of complex matters that were given heightened scrutiny in the post-earthquake environment in Christchurch. Chris Fowler and the team at Adderley Head assisted us with the preparation of our application with the provision of clear, prompt and accurate advice and then provided clear and compelling arguments during the hearings. We are exceptionally pleased that the plan change has now been made operative in largely unchanged form to our original application.

Roy Hamilton, Director, Highfield Park Limited

Southern Motorway

During 2013 we entered into discussions with New Zealand Transport Authority over issues surrounding the Southern Motorway. When I first met David Pedley he quickly impressed me with his knowledge and his professionalism along with a very pleasant manner. He was instrumental in achieving our first objective in this project and we have continued to use Adderley Head for a number of other planning and legal requirements.

Other members of the Adderley Head team I have had dealings with have also shown me they also deliver with the same promptness and service. In a nutshell I would be happy to highly recommend Adderley Head to anybody requiring assistance with resource management and other legal planning advice.

Kevin Williams, Tall Tree Stud Limited

Application for community facility

We have been very fortunate to have engaged Adderley Head to complete our resource consent application. Our situation had the potential to be stressful and very challenging but, Adderley Head's expertise, considered approach, advice and encouragement throughout the process was much appreciated and the outcome for our organisation was very successful.

I would highly recommend the team at Adderley Head to anyone needing expert advice and assistance with resource consent processes.

Helen McLaughlin, General Manager, Step Ahead Trust

Development concerns

In July 2016 I approach one of the partners (Paul Rogers) at Adderley Head with an issue of urgent concern relating to a resource consent for a large development project. Within four hours of the meeting a comprehensive draft document had been prepared which fully covered the concerns I had raised and this was then sent to the developer before the end of the same working day. 

I was extremely pleased with the rapid access to a senior partner, the immediate understanding of the issues, and the rapid and effective response that followed. For someone in my position with no specialist knowledge around the complex field of resource consents, this was hugely helpful and reassured me that my concerns had been communicated in the best possible manner.

Dr Chris Kirk

Rolleston Rezoning

David led a large team of consultants putting together the Foster Holdings Limited case for Plan Change 7.  The way he did this was great to watch and our confidence in David grew and grew as the case moved through its various stages.  The issues or challenges in the case were identified so everybody could understand them and their role in addressing them.  As clients, we knew and understood what was going on, when things needed to be completed, and whether or not they were done on time. 

In presenting our case to the decision-maker, David was very articulate and persuasive.  The case had been so well-organised its presentation largely went like clockwork.  As clients sitting in the room watching the case unfold we expected there would be no surprises: that's exactly the way it occurred. We would have no hesitation in utilising David and the team at Adderley Head for any future planning projects. 

Annette and David Foster, Directors, Foster Holdings Limited

Crematorium opposition

Myself and a group of around 50 neighbours suddenly found ourselves in a position of needing to deal with a significant RMA consent application. A neighbouring land owner proposed to build a crematorium and a large event facility in our rural area. The many possible affects such as traffic and noise was alarming and the process of having those concerns dealt with through the legal process of the RMA was overwhelming.

Chris Fowler from Adderley Head made this hugely complicated and emotional experience easier by patiently guiding us, explaining and putting things into layman terms. Chris went the extra mile with our group which was made up of normal people with a mixture of backgrounds and personalities, he was professional but very approachable to all.

Trina Zimmerman, Living in Hope Inc

Mandeville Business Development

Adderley Head were engaged from the outset on our comprehensive rezoning project, which involved a range of issues within a sensitive environment and among a captive and vocal community. Our project required demanding coordination and persuasive execution.

Paul is clearly at the top of his game in terms of understanding the RMA and the regulatory framework and demonstrated an outstanding ability to canvas all issues and coordinate the expert evidence. The identification, accuracy and implementation of our key objectives for this project were well understood and professionally conveyed.

Bevan Hames, Director, Ratua Holdings Limited

Home rebuild

Melanie was engaged by Southern Response to assist us with consent for the earthquake rebuild of our Fendalton home. Our section is bounded by the Wairarapa stream with the home within 1.5m of the riverbank. Several other complications exist with road and neighbour setbacks, notable trees and special amenity classification. Resource Consent was expected to be very challenging without losing functional amenity.

Melanie coordinated architects, landscape designers, engineers and us as owners. Our plans fell substantially outside of CCC and Ecan guidelines but with detailed documentation, sound reasoning around our proposed design, and with intelligent mitigations planned, Melanie was able to achieve consent with both local authorities at the first submission of plans. 

Andrew McGill

Heritage listing of Canterbury Museum

We were recommended to engage Adderley Head for our submissions to Christchurch City Council on issues we had with the proposed Christchurch Replacement District Plan. 

Although no doubt a busy firm we were particularly pleased with David's willingness to listen, his prompt response to any questions we had, and the preparation of the required documentation to an excellent standard. He explained complex situations simply and gave clear, rational advice. In short, we have found Adderley Head to be professional in every aspect. I believe their advice was critical to the strategy to deliver us a just outcome.

We would not hesitate in using Adderley Head's services again or recommending them to anyone else.

Anthony Wright, Director, Canterbury Museum

Consent for new school

We have recently used Adderley Head to gain resource consent for our new private school. This was a very unique and unprecedented case, as schools of this nature are not common and new ones are not heard of.

Chris Fowler and Melanie Russell were excellent to work with, and made it easy for our team who had little experience in the field to understand the issues. Chris’s knowledge of the Act, and cool manner under fire were key to our success at the hearing and then at a further reconvened hearing. In both cases his summarising statements were underpinned with clear authority and very convincing.

Being new to the ins and outs of Resource Management law, we had plenty of questions, and Chris and the team patiently led us through to a great result. 

Jeremy Raikes, Property Team Leader, Westmount School