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What's new?

I've added a couple of new tools to the collection recently.

OpenSSL and SSH keys

Generating RSA key pairs is a lot harder than it should be. On a Linux console, it's relatively straightforward but requires a "recipe" list of OpenSSL commands which are anything but and which I keep forgetting :/ For folk doomed to only use Windows, it's close to impossible. So, here's a simple key generator page!

Also, we had a need recently to convert an existing PEM-format public key into the equivalent format required by SSH for its access list; that proved rather trickier than you'd expect, and I ended up creating a (hopefully!) foolproof converter - maybe this can save some other poor soul turning their brain inside out too...

Data URI generator

We had a need to convert some binary files into data:-format URI strings recently, so as usual I ended up writing a little tool to do the job rather than fudge it yet again!

Google GeoCoder

I decided we needed a painless way to geocode addresses, as it's something we seem to be doing more and more of. Result is a page which hooks into Google's Maps API to geocode the requested address, display it in a scrollable map and (if you click on the centre marker) shoots a snapshot and displays it as a static PNG which can be saved out if required.

MX tester

This does some basic DNS checks on an email address then, if it finds an MX record, tries to send a test message to the recipient and displays the dialog which results. I needed a tool to make SMTP testing and diagnostics easier, so wrote this; I'm slightly dubious about making something like this public in case of misuse (I don't really want to get this server blacklisted) but it is CAPTCHA protected to prevent 'bots forcing it, so in the spirit of open access stupidity I'll leave it avaliable and see how we go...