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Random stuff!

This page provides a selection of randomly-generated strings and hashes for use as passwords, API keys etc.

Please note the randomness is not produced using any significant amount of cleverness (hint - PHP's mt_rand() features heavily). Also, this web page is not secure (we aren't so generous we're willing to spring for an SSL certificate just for this), so overall you'd be ill-advised to use any key generated here for anything really secret squirrel. That said, this sorta thing is good enough for most of us, most of the time, for a quick FTP password or as a seed for something more secure, like PGP.

To generate a new set, just refresh the page. And no, we don't store any of these...

Random data

Random UUID (Version 4):


Random 32-digit decimal number :


Random 256-character ASCII text string :


Random 256-character Hex string :


Random 12-character password :
(This removes potentialy ambiguous characters like l and 1 so isn't as full a symbol set as a true random string)


Random word / name :
(This attempts to create a random alpha string, but with some combinations of characters disallowed to produce a result which is more pronouncable and "looks" a little more like an English-language word)


Random memorable secure passphrase :



Want a hash? Just paste your source text, and we'll churn it into MD5 and SHA-1 for you. Again, there are no salts or anything clever built-in here - if you like your hash lightly salted, sprinkle before baking...